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  • Alistair Richardson

USA visits July 7-9

Seven Cuernavaca/Tepoztlán residents traveled to Austin and Houston in early July to give presentations about Don Bosco in hopes of gaining additional becas (scholarships). Adrian Smith and her sister, Valery, a resident of Austin, hosted the event and Eric Salgado and Mariana hosted the meeting in Houston. Despite the events being held right after a holiday and many people being away we had a good turn out of truly interested people. These people that we met and befriended in Texas will form the nucleus of a team in each of these cities and BPP will be providing support.

Some interesting concepts have been initiated. For example, an Austin Book Club is planning to sponsor a student scholar, and in Houston, where some of us stayed with an immigrant Mexican-American family, they plan to host a church group get-together and take up a collection to sponsor a beca (or becas) as a group. Interestingly many Mexican families living in the US know, are from, or have relatives in Morelos that they would like to support, in particular, Cocoyotla where Don Bosco’s latest Prepa school is located.

In addition another visit is planned later in the year and with the help, pre-publicity and goodwill of those supporting our meetings this July we can expect good attendance.

BPP Attendees: Curtis and Erika, Azalea, Monica and Sofia, Jonathan, Lou and Grace, Adrian and Valery Smith, Alistair, Eric Salgado and Mariana.

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