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How to donate to Fundación Don Bosco 

3 funds from which you can chose

Individual Beca for a monthy donation

A donation of USD 55.00 or MXP 1,000 per month will support one student for Prepa in the rural or city schools. Monthly donations are intended to cover the full 3 years of Prepa up to the Graduation. Your student will be visible under “Scholars” on the website and direct two way communication with your student 
is possible. It is possible to share this with another donor so both contribute 50%. 
Payments can be made monthy, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly annually or all 3 years in advance.


This fund is for computers to assign to the sponsored students. 
They are essential for on-line work and families just do not have the resources to purchase one. Normally we purchase a tablet that costs about MXP 4,500 ($225) and it remains the property of Don Bosco until the student graduates. You can also donate a new or used computer yourself to donate.  We will collect, if in Cuernavaca.  Send us an email.


This is a fund for unspecified donations not linked to a particular student, maybe proceeds from the sale of items you no longer need. Don Bosco have a Charity Shop that will accept just about anything you care to donate. Collection service available.  Depending on the 
balance available in this fund it could be used for more Becas, extra laptops and to assist a specific critical need.

How to donate 

Funds can be in Cash, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Credit/Debit Card or the donation of a Tablet or Laptop 

* There is an option that you can receive a receipt that enables tax deduction.

Please note that Becas para Prepas does not accept cash or donations except in rare cases to pass to Don Bosco. It is prefered that all contributions should go directly to Don Bosco or to Karitas if in USD in USA.

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