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  • Alistair Richardson

Emerson Award Winners

Today, June 21 2022, the second of the annual awards was made. This financial prize to the top 3 students from the rural schools is intended to help with the next step of further education. The funds raised from the untimely death of this great supporter of education will enable 10 years of this award.

The 2022 winner was Dulce Daniela Martinez Morena, who is top of her class in the rural school of Juan Morelos. 2nd place was gained by Alejandro Silva Fructoso and 3rd was Evelyn Bahena Torres. In all there were 27 entries.

Left to right Alistair Richardson BPP, Dulce Daniela, Louisa Emerson, Alejandro Silva Fructoso and Alonso Figueroa, Director Don Bosco Tilzapotla.

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