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  • Alistair Richardson

Significant meeting January 10 at Don Bosco

L - R Helen Niven Serrano, Jim Dabakis, Antonio Sandoval, Kris Salgado, Sheila Keeler, Dorothy Wick, Alistair Richardson

The meeting was to introduce Jim Dabakis to Antonio Sandoval and to see the main school. The ex State Senator from Utah is already sponsoring one student now but is going to look into obtaining funds from Foundations in the USA. In addition, FDB and Jim will be looking at ways to introduce the Don Bosco concepts of Communities free from Violence in the Salt Lake City area. Helen initiated her support of a needy student in Tilzapotla and Dorothy has a student to join Don Bosco and will be supporting him. Sheila is working on a project to host a presentation in San Antonio in February.

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