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  • Alistair Richardson

International Womens Club from CDMX visits Juan Morales Prepa

Left to right... Juan de Dios, FDB, Joanne Price, Carmen von Feilitzen, Sandra Olson, Abigail Deering, Alistair Richardson, BPP

On June 8th a visit was made to Juan Morales by 4 representatives of the IWC of Mexico. This organization consists of career women, mainly foreigners, and wives of foreign business leaders and functionaries. Their goals are to assist different charities and concerns with their needs in Mexico. They spent all morning on site, met with students from each of the educational years, saw how they interacted and worked with the UNAM program. A follow up visit by BPP is planned for Mexico to make a presentation to a larger group. IWC was most impressed with the facility, students and teachers.

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