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  • Alistair R.

For the first time, Don Bosco is asking us for help

Dear friends and neighbors, I hope that you are all well and safe. 

It seems that the very schools with the Morelos students that we are supporting via Becas Para Prepas are vulnerable.  ( ) There are so many worthy causes that need help, I hope this does not get lost.  The smallest of donations swells the numbers of donors, even just $100 (pesos!) and your name there would help.

Becas para Prepas supporters, for the most part, are helping with the education of more than 50 students in Morelos in the four remote Don Bosco locations that provide quality Prepa education.  There are about 250 students in these schools that are in economically challenged areas.

That program is very vulnerable for the reasons of the pandemic that we are all experiencing.  The parents of the students are experiencing extreme hardship and first priorities are food for for the family. 

Up until now, all our efforts have been self initiated, and I personally thank all of you that have contributed and supported the students of the Prepa level, but now this part of the school is in real need of help.  All the people that are working for Don Bosco have taken 50% pay cut and they all still go to work, the students have missed no classes.  The schools have adapted timetables to allow for those that have no computers at home to continue studies. Don Bosco have started a page with Donadora with a set goal and time to raise funds, Please see this page, click on the video, make whatever level of donation that you can and then post it to your Facebook page and send it to your friends by email.  (Incidentally the email link does not see to work so please copy and paste the link. I much appreciate any help that you can give to get them past this peak and ensure our students are able to continue their education. Many thanks Alistair R

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