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  • Alistair Richardson

Brief History of Tilzapotla Prepa

Toño Sandoval with his graduating class of 2021. It is a real challenge to provide Prepa education in the rural areas that are so short of funds and opportunity. A High School Diploma from a course provided by UNAM, the top public University in Latin America, at a Don Bosco school goes a long way to providing entry into further education or paid employment.

The graduate on the right of the photo is Lesly Paola Santiago Varela, she is now attending a University in Cuernavaca and BPP is continuing to help with her support.

The Don Bosco Foundation's first contact with the community Tilzapotla was in 2006 when an Educational Mission program was carried out.

The enthusiasm and spirit of service of the young missionaries awakened in the residents the desire to have a school that had the characteristics shown by these ambassadors for education.

A study was made to implement a preparatory school with the characteristics of the Don Bosco Foundation. After obtaining the approval of the authorities, ejido and municipio, the school was inaugurated on August 18 2008 as the Don Bosco Preparatory School on the Tilzapotla campus.

As with the other Rural Prepa Schools of Don Bosco, they are incorporated in the highly prestigious educational program of UDEM (Digital University of the State of Mexico) run UNAM.

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