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BPP working lunch June 6

Left to right Joan Markovich, John Markovich, Paul Gottschalk, Jonathan Emerson

Today, Thursday, some of the BPP team had a working lunch at my house.

Left to right, Curtis Long, Erika Jaimes, Joan Markvich

We discussed and planned logistics of the Austin Texas trip, there will be 7 of us there for the presentation...have a look at the EVENTS page of this site

Anne Lutterman,Director of CGEE (the Center for Global Education and Experience), an initiative of Augsburg College, Minnesota

We explained the BPP programme to Anne and we were delighted to hear of her prior knowledge and great experiences with Don Bosco over many years. Anne will really add a lot to the communications and testimonial of what we are trying to achieve.

Thanks to all the donors and supporters Alistair R

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