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BPP team tours the Don Bosco schools in Morelos

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Six of the founding members of Becas Para Prepas toured Don Bosco's six schools

In the first two weeks of May, some of the founding members and donors visited all six of the Don Bosco schools.

They were most hospitable and we had food and refreshments at each stop.

When speaking with the students and teachers we were delighted with how engaged and switched on they all were; everyone was so polite and well mannered, standing up when we entered a class room.

Class sizes were of about 24 students compared to up to 40 per class in the State system with one teacher. Each class writes their own rules for discipline and expectations, the students sign it and it is posted on the classroom wall.

A visit is worth 1,000 words

Let me know if you would like to visit and see how it all works so well. I would be delighted to arrange something, just contact me.

In October I am planning a days trip to incorporate a city school and one rural school with a capacity of up to 30 people. As well as a Don Bosco representative, we will have Charlie Goff as our Guide to Mexican Culture and we will plan a stop for lunch at Puente de Ixtla and maybe visit Xochicalco. There will be a need for a small contribution for the use of the bus, gasoline and the salary of the driver. Make this site one of your favourites! All the best and thanks to ALL the donors. Alistair

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