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  • Alistair Richardson

BPP finds Dental Chair for VAMOS

Dra Eva Avila and Alejandro Lopez, VAMOS.A.C

Thanks to the generosity of Dra Eva Avila, VAMOS  (check it out: can start with their fixed dental clinic for children in Cuernavaca.

Look at their site you will see that this organisation already gives some free dental service to children but it has its limitations.  This chair, together with other equipment that they already have, plus their dentist that has been with them all her career can start to provide more comprehensive preventative care and treatments.

In the near future we can evaluate and cost the additional needs to see how quickly we can help get this up and running.

What has BPP got to do with VAMOS?   

Well, the young people tend to leave the care of VAMOS and education JUST at the time when, if the bright ones had a Beca, they could be considered for entry into a Don Bosco facility for Prepa.

Who knows of a dentist that would like to give any equipment, used or otherwise, that could be put to good use?

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