Donate in  Mexican Pesos or USD in Mexico

The support of a student, a full Beca, is 
MXP 1,000 per month 
MXP 12,000 for 12 months 
MXP 36,000 for the 3 year program of Senior High School 

This can be delivered directly to the Don Bosco accounting office at Calzada de los Actores No.108, Col. Carolina, Cuernavaca, Morelos. C.P. 62190.


Please email your information, the fund you want to support, the amount of your donation to and for Sayuri Avila Nuñez +52 777 220 4419.

Bank Transfer

Bank: BBVA
Account Number: 0143016331

Numero de Cliente: 15525378

R.F.C. FDB971023JW7
Clabe Interbancaria 012540001430163310 

Surcursal: 1769  Centro PYME Morelos Sur

Av. Plan de Ayala  2010 Col. Chapultepec

Cuernavaca, Morelos

Tel: +52 777 332 9921


Please copy by WhatsApp or email Alistair Richardson +52 777 222 4718 or Línea de donación directa +52 777 256 5977

Credit/Debit Card

Please call, WhatsApp or email Alistair Richardson +52 777 222 4718 or Sayuri  Avila Nuñez +52 1 777 220 4419

Via the Don Bosco Site

Click on this link... and look for this part of the main page for the options available. BPP can follow up on your behalf if you copy

Please note that Becas para Prepas does not accept cash or donations except in rare cases to pass to Don Bosco. It is prefered that all contributions should go directly to Don Bosco or to Karitas if in USD in USA.