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Past events 

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Mini Conference

"What are we doing about violence in schools and what should we do?"

Don Bosco -Calzada de los Actores No.108, Col. Carolina, Cuernavaca, Morelos. C.P. 62190  (777) 317 8820 -

Participants:    Antonio Sandoval               Estela Alejandra Correa                   Kris Salgado                           

Jonathan Emerson                                      Alistair Richardson                            Adrian Smith                         

Gualadupe Poujol                                       Myriam Fraccia

Dr. Ann Lutterman- Aguilar, Mexico Site Director & Global Faculty, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN

Ellen Macdonald               Bruce Macdonald                    Charlie Goff

10.30 a.m. Tuesday 25 June, Don Bosco, Carolina, with lunch after the meeting at the campus of Ausburg, hosted by Dr. Ann Lutterman- Aguilar 


This event is not open to the general public, but if you would like to know more, please contact this site

IMG_1266 Becas para Prepas inauguration

The 18th of May saw the Inauguration of Becas para Prepas in the lovely home of Candelario and Terry Elizondo.  The event attracted more than 50 participants, and the results were well beyond expectations.  Fundación Don Bosco (FDB) provided excellent snacks and drinks, and the participants, after a brief social hour, were presented four speakers describing the schools and goals of both the Foundation and Becas para Prepas. 


Alistair gave a brief introduction to the event and presented Kris Salgado, who gave a moving introduction of Antonio Sandoval, the founder of Fundación Don Bosco. Jonathan Emerson provided powerful rationale and motivation for all who enjoy their choice to live here as expats to help the local community via this formal and well-run educational program.

IMG_1302 Becas para Prepas inauguration
IMG_1271 Becas para Prepas inauguration

The response to the event was greater than we had imagined, bringing in commitments for 16 scholarships.  (One scholarship amounts to a monthly donation of MXN $1,000 for three years to support motivated students as they work their way through prepa—preparatory / high school—starting at 15 to 16 years of age.) 

In addition to the scholarships, we received cash donations to FDB, a volunteer teacher, and the pro bono services of a dentist and a Legal Office in Cuernavaca for the programme and for students and their parents.

Our next event will be the first fundraising effort outside Mexico, to be held in Austin, Texas, on July 7th.

IMG_1314 Becas para Prepas inauguration
P5180037 Becas para Prepas inauguration
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