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Mini - Conference with Antonio Sandoval

On June 25 2019, BPP arranged a Mini- Conference where Antonio Sandoval of the Don Bosco Foundation described the programs that they have against violence in schools.  The reason for the existence and trigger that started the Don Bosco Foundation 22 years ago was based on the need to combat neighborhood violence and keep young people in education. 

The Don Bosco schools have peace and harmony as an integral part of the education.

The success of the programs instituted by Don Bosco has lead to government and private institutions asking for Don Bosco to lead and institute the programs in their communities and this has happened more than 500 times. At this time a study is being undertaken by them in Tepoztlan.

Left to right, Dra Ann Lutterman- Aguilar, Ausburg University; Lisanne Morgan Ausburg University, Cuernavaca; Bruce MacDonald, Hendersonville NC; Kris Salgado, BPP Cuernavaca; Adrian Smith, BPP Tepoztlan; Jonathan Emerson, BPP Cuernavaca; Alistair Richardson BPP Cuernavaca; Guadalupe Pujol, National Pedagogical University, Cuernavaca; Ellen Macdonald, Hendersonville NC; Charlie Goff, Cemanahuac Spanish Language School, Cuernavaca; Estela A Correa, FDB, Cuernavaca; Antonio Sandoval, Cuernavaca.

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